ROTORELIEF (SFZ 1006, 2004) 47'38

Music by Ivo Nilsson
Texts by Marcel Duchamp

Franck Ollu, conductor & recitation
Dag Metin Ardel, barytone

ROTORELIEF is a 48 minute long work in 31 movements, inspired by the Rotorelief (© Marcel Duchamp/BUS 2003) by Marcel Duchamp. The work was composed 1999-2001 and was first performed in Stockholm in November 2001.

Instrumental sections interleave with movements with recitations (on the recording recited by the conductor Franck Ollu) and movements with barytone (Dag Metin Ardel). There are also plenty of sounds from glasses, scissors, coins, water gong, film projector and gramophones.

The CD is presented in an exclusive tin B/Box.