Anna Svensdotter is one of the few flutists in Scandinavia with a focus on contemporary music and extended techniques. Since 1993 she has been on the Swedish scene for contemporary solo- and chamber music, always with a strong musicality and personality.

An active freelance musician, she plays in various ensembles, such as the experimental group L’Orchestre Disparu (flute, voice, live electronics and live video), and flute quartet Forty Fingers.

As an improviser she has developed a personal and distinct way of playing, to be heard in the acoustic trio Ek/Janson/Svensdotter, and in the duo Skarv FX, flute/electronics and double bass/electronics.

Ms Svensdotter completed her schooling 1993 with a Master of fine Arts in Music from Gothenburg School of Music, and has studied with Manuela Wiesler and Robert Dick among others. She has given many first time performances in Sweden, for exemple works by Fredrik Österling, Mirjam Tally and Bengt Hambraeus.




Mirjam Tally

Malin Bång

Daniel Karlsson

Paul Bothén

Benjamin Staern

Ida Lundén

Fredrik Österling

Tony Blomdahl