MATS MÖLLER. Studies in Stockholm and in Zürich, with André Jaunet. Has freelanced in most of Sweden's symphonic and opera orchestras, as well as performing chamber music. More information on his homepage



STIG BENGTSON (performing Maros' CINGUETTIO with Mats Möller, on track 2:14). Former solo flautist of the Royal Opera in Stockholm. Has a life-long experience as orchestral and chamber music as well as soloist and teacher. Member of the Maros ensemble. (On this picture with bass flute, but playing c-flute in Maros).

CHRISTINA SÖNSTEVOLD (performing J. V. Möller's FENG with Mats Möller, on track 2:15). Studies in Gothenburg and in Marseille. Working as freelance as chamber musician and teacher. Has a great interest in different flutes, as the the baroque flute