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– The Inspiration?

I don’t really know from where, but it comes to us,
…as if whispered by the wind.

When looking up at the stars at night, it can happen.
The universe is so big and we are so small, but if we
just let go‚ …the cosmical Mother can then take us in
her arms.

When resting in that peace, the winds dissolve.
In that quiet womb, we can grow and transform again and again, into something we never thought we were,

…it grabs us, like when the sound of Krishna’s flute reached the young girls in Vrindavan; all they could do was dance along with his playful mood (Rasa-Lila). By splitting himself in many parts, they could all dance with Krishna alone, and if he was not there even for a second, their longing for him grew so strong that it became him,

…desiring that happiness and love that dwell within us. Ananda, that vibration that makes it all shimmer. It
happened to me when I met Swami Ramakrishnananda, and he sang a song with the words of ”Jaya Bhagavan”. It was so simple and beautiful, it all made sense, and in that moment, I understood what music is really all about.

These sounds once touched me, and now perhaps they will touch you.

But remember that what resonates in you is yours, it always was, the music only makes you remember…


The music
Rasa-Lila is composed by Johannes Möller and Laura Fraticelli. The traditional Indian song Jaya Bhagavan is arranged by Johannes Möller. All other works are composed by Johannes Möller.

Produced by Mats Möller. Recorded by Sforzando Productions Recorded in Gåsinge Church, Sweden, September 13-16, and October 26, 2009 – using 96 kHz/24-bit technology. Edited by Johannes and Mats Möller. Mastered by Sforzando Productions. Booklet design by Sforzando Productions. Photos by Per-Erik Adamsson (photo of Johannes Möller) and Mats Möller (cover and inside - from Badami and Aihole, Karnataka, India). Johannes Möller plays guitars by Roland Scharbatke and Gerhard Oldiges (tracks 1 &2). Mats Möller plays a Mollenhauer alto flute, Laura Fraticelli plays a guitar made by Boguslaw Teryk.

CD SFZ 6015 [p]&[c] SFZ records/Sforzando Productions 2010. DDD. Total time 57’19.


Kommer senare