I launched the website Flutetech/New sounds for flute in December 2000. At that time, as far as I know, this was the first website ever where you could find information about notation of the extended techniques for flute AND listen to short excerpts. Robert Dick's site was released a couple of months later. Since then and mainly for the last five years the number of sites about extended techniques has increased and there are now plenty of really good sources of information, including a great number of videos.

So, after 15 years I have taken my site down and I really wish to thank all of you who have mailed me, with questions and advices - flutists and composers from Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Europe, India, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Iran, UK, US and many, many other countries. In my library and on my computer I have so many lovely pieces I should not have known if you had not contacted me. I had the pleasure to meet some of you personally, and we have worked together in different concert projects.

Thank you all!

Mats Möller, January 1, 2016
office [a] sfz.se