"...four of Sweden's most important ambassadeurs of the contemporary music." Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm (Sweden)


"...a techique and an ensemble playing almost unreal and unbelievable." Segodnja, Moscow (Russia)


"An incredible joyfullnes and a liberating and creative attitude towards the music. Humour, a virtuoso technique and a serious artistry - all this is combined within the Quartet." Skövde Nyheter, Skövde (Sweden)


"This kind of music has to be performed by ensembles of extraordinary quality, and the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet without doubt belongs to this kind of musicians." Morgunbladid, Reykjavik (Iceland)




"The audience was able to discover itself through the music, everyone could find his own universe in the musical process." Adevarul de Cluj, Cluj (Romania)

Nordische Musik (Germany)